Known Problems

-The Synergy window manager often fails to start on P/OS 3.2. I have not determined the cause. The workaround is to retry starting it several times. I find that it generally starts after about 3-4 attempts. Once started, it appears to be stable, and gives no further problems. -Occasionally, the state of the shift or control key in the emulator gets out of sync wih the host system (i.e. the emulator thinks the key is down, when it isn't). This can happen when the X-cursor enters the emulator window, or when switching between windowed and full-screen modes. The workaround is to press and release ctrl or shift once, when this happens. -The system time is incorrect when running Venix, if the date on the host system is set to 1-1-2000, or later. This is actually not an emulation problem, but a Y2K bug in Venix. To work around this, the emulated year value may be forced with the "force_year" variable. Please see the "Emulator Configuration File" section for more information. -X-windows problems: -Color-indexed graphics modes: Support for these modes is not complete in the emulator. (These are typically 8-bit modes). Windowed mode generally works, but it might be necessary to use a private colormap ("pcm = on") to obtain correct colors. DGA full-screen mode only seems to work without a private colormap ("pcm = off"). -24-bit (3 byte per pixel) graphics modes: These are not supported. However, 4 byte per pixel 24-bit modes, which are typically more commonly used, *are* supported. -Running on systems other than Linux/x86: On some (not all) non-Linux/x86 systems, colors may not be displayed correctly in some display modes. This problem has been reported on Solaris. -DGA full-screen mode: DGA support in Xhomer is considered to be somewhat experimental at this point. DGA is not fully functional on all X-servers. If you are seeing a static black screen, or other strange behavior, after switching to full-screen mode, this could be the cause. This is not necessarily an emulator problem. Try forcing either DGA1 or DGA2 support in the Makefile. Also, if you end up in this situation, it may still be possible to exit Xhomer cleanly by pressing ctrl-F1, then pressing the down-arrow key at least 8 times, followed by enter. Auto-detection of the number of available frame buffers seems to fail on some X-servers in certain modes. If the emulator complains about not having enough graphics memory when switching to full-screen mode, try forcing the number of buffers with the "framebuffers" variable. (A value of 1 is the most likely to work) If you are using the #9 I128 X-server, it is recommended that the variable "nine_workaround" be set to "on" in the configuration file. This works around a number of DGA bugs in this X-server.