LK201 Keyboard Mapping

The following table shows the correspondence between LK201 keys and X-windows keys for the lk201 keyboard emulator. Note that the LK201 numeric keypad and associated function keys (F17-F20 and PF1-PF4) are presently not emulated. LK201 key X-windows key --------- ------------- Hold Screen Esc Print Screen F1 Set-Up F2 F4 F3 Break F4 Interrupt F5 Resume F6 Cancel F7 Main Screen F8 Exit F9 Esc/F11 F10 BS/F12 F11 LF/F13 F12 Addtnl Options Sys_Req Help Multi_Key (need to verify which key this is) Do Pause A-Z A-Z 0-9 0-9 - - = = [ [ ] ] ; ; ' ' \ \ , , / / ` ` (space) (space) Delete Backspace Return Return Up Arrow Up Arrow Down Arrow Down Arrow Left Arrow Left Arrow Right Arrow Right Arrow Find Find Insert Here Home Remove Prior Select Delete Prev Screen End Next Screen Next Lock Caps Lock Shift Shift Ctrl Control Compose (left) Alt