Emulated Floppy Drives

Two 400 KB RX50 floppy drives are emulated through disk image files. Floppy images may be created from real RX50 floppies (see "Reading and Writing Real RX50 Floppies"). Alternatively, a blank 409,600 byte file may used. This file can then be formatted and used as a floppy drive by whichever Pro operating system is run. Set the path to the directory that contains the floppy image(s) with the "rx_dir" variable in the configuration file. The pathname may be relative or absolute. Relative paths are relative to the current directory. Specify the disk image file(s) to be used with the "rx0" and "rx1" variables in the configuration file. These correspond to the two floppy drives. Floppy image files may be swapped in real-time, as the emulator is running. See the "Emulator Control Menu" section for details.