Emulated Hardware

Most of the Pro's base hardware is emulated, including: -F11 CPU (emulated with a modified J11 core) -floating point processor -real-time clock -keyboard -printer port -communications port -1024 Kbytes of RAM Additionally, the following add-in boards are emulated: -standard video controller -extended bitmap option -hard disk controller (supporting a single emulated hard drive, up to 71 MB) -floppy controller (supporting two emulated RX50 floppies) The real-time clock maintains synchronization with the clock of the host system. The keyboard may be emulated through X-windows, or a real LK201 may be connected through a serial port on the host system. The printer and communications ports may be emulated by physical serial or parallel ports on the host system. The video subsystem is emulated through X-windows. Both windowed and full-screen (through DGA) modes are implemented. The hard disk and floppy disks are emulated through disk image files. Additionally, a partial LA50 printer emulation allows one to print Sixel graphics from P/OS to a locally attached HP PCL printer. Xhomer is able to boot an unmodified Pro 350 boot ROM, and passes all hardware diagnostics that it performs. It is also able to boot and run unmodified installations of P/OS 3.2 and Venix 2.0. It should be noted that there are some modes of some hardware subsystems that are not implemented. These modes appear not to be utilized by P/OS or Venix.