Emulator Control Menu

Some of the emulator's configuration can be changed at runtime, through an on-screen menu. This menu also needs to be accessed to shut the emulator down. To access the control menu, press ctrl-F1, while the emulator window has focus. A transparent menu will be overlaid on top of the emulator window. The emulator will continue to run. When the menu is active, the item selection bar can be moved up and down with the up and down arrow keys. Press enter to select a particular item. Also, when the menu is active, the menu intercepts the up and down arrow keys and the enter and "Do" keys. Other key presses are passed on to the emulated system. Options which are not implemented yet or are not changeable are grayed out and can not be selected. Following is a description of the various menu items: Return to emulator This turns the menu off. Screen mode The current screen mode is displayed ("window" or "full"). Selecting this item will toggle the screen mode. rx0 The name of the floppy image connected to the first emulated floppy drive is displayed. Selecting this item will simulate a "floppy door open" event on the emulator and will allow a different floppy image to be selected. Selecting the blank line at the top of the sub-menu will allow an empty floppy drive to be simulated. Directories are marked with a leading "D." ".." will go up one level in the directory structure and "." will stay in the current directory (not a terribly useful opton!). Once an image has been selected, the emulator will check its size. If it is not exactly 409,600 bytes, it will refuse to attach it as a floppy image. But, if the image passes the size test, a "floppy door close" event is simulated, and the emulator is permitted to access the floppy image. rx1 This option is similar to "rx0," except that it specifies the name of the floppy image connected to the second emulated floppy drive. rd0 This shows the name of the current hard disk emulation file. It is not a run- time changeable option. com This shows the name of the serial device that is used to emulate the communications port. Selecting this item will allow a different assignment to be made. Note that serial devices which are currently assigned to other ports (i.e. they're in use) are grayed out and may not be selected (except for the "null" device, which may be connected to multiple ports). ptr This shows the name of the serial device that is used to emulate the printer port, and allows it to be changed. kb This shows the name of the serial device that is used to emulate the keyboard. It should generally be set to lk201. Although, it is possible to connect a real LK201 to a serial port. Save configuration Restore defaults and reset Reset These options are not implemented yet. About XHOMER This is pretty self-explanatory. Shutdown emulator Selecting this option will cause the emulator to shut down and exit.