Change Log

9-16-06: -Removed bits 0..2 of MMR3, to match the F11 more closely. -Added emulation of the maintenance terminal interface (printer port functionality only - no MicroODT). This is used by the 2.9BSD installation floppy. See the configuration file documentation. -Added byte-write support for video memory (used by 2.9BSD). -Added experimental "periodic interrupt throttle" feature, to allow the real-time clock to keep up on slower host systems. See the new "int_throttle" option in the configuration file documentation. The option is off by default. -Recoded part of pro_clk, to remove dependency on 64-bit integers. -Added various simple build scripts, which can be used instead of the Makefile: make.simple: This is a minimal build script that should allow easier initial builds on currently unsupported platforms. make.sgi: This script builds Xhomer on SGI Irix, using the standard SGI MIPS compiler. -Added performance data from various host machines on the "performance" page. 12-14-03: First public release of Xhomer.